Sovereign Tea - Overstock Inventory Store!

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With our Kickstarter done and the game released, we have a bunch of overstock left. Now's your last chance to get these great items... now at a discount! Please help us clear our homes of these goods by accepting them into yours!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Sovereign Tea v1.3 Released!
17 days ago – Sun, Sep 05, 2021 at 10:10:02 PM

Good day, everybody! The latest update to Sovereign Tea is now released! There's quite a lot that went into this update, too much to state in just this update, so please refer to our update notes on either Steam or Itchio for more information. The shortlist of most important updates are as follow:

  • Fixed up tooltips on two units, the Lapidarian Mystic and Refined Fusilier as shown above!
  • Warn the user if they end their turn early, explicitly calling out exactly how many actions they still have remaining. This option can be disabled in Settings and exists mostly to help remind newcomers how to play the game.
  • Added an in-game hints feature to assist players who end up truly stuck on a level with no knowledge on how to proceed.
  • Rebalance Level 16.

Merchandise Still Available!

A lot of our remaining inventory, particularly the teas, are now sold out, but we still have plenty of other overstock goods still available for sale! Please visit our overstock inventory store to place your orders. Once the items are sold, they're gone.

A Fun Feature In Another Game

Time for something truly bizarre! Ads for our game are now featured in Food Delivery Battle, a VRoid-compatible bicycle delivery game. If it feels like a random addition to this update, that's because it is. Even still, pretty cool to see! We think the key art makes for a fun and cute billboard.

Halloween Update News Coming

We're prototyping something. That's all we have to report for now. Stay tuned...

That's everything for now. For the Americans among us (which is most of you) we hope you have a relaxing Labor Day weekend!


Overstock Inventory Store! ...and more game updates!
22 days ago – Wed, Sep 01, 2021 at 12:49:55 PM

Hello again, friends. Sovereign Tea has been out for a month now, can you believe it? We've also shipped out all our physical rewards, so what's left to say at this point? As it turns out, a lot more than we would have ever thought.

Overstock Inventory Store - Now Live!

Tea? Tea?! Tea!!!

As alluded to in a previous update, we have a storefront available now to sell off our overstock inventory! We're still hosting it on BackerKit, ironically using their "pre-orders" system, since all the shipping profile information and banking information was already in place. You can visit the store now if you want to pick up some goods you may have missed out on. You'll have to act fast, as there is very limited remaining supply.

Some of you may inevitably be wondering why there's a sale when you, as backers, paid full price up front. That is a reasonable question, and we hope to provide an equally reasonable answer. When you backed the campaign, filled out the survey, and selected add-ons, you were guaranteed to receive those items. The quantity of goods we ordered, with ample buffer room, was based on your collective responses. With this store, we don't have a guarantee on these goods: once they're gone, they're gone.

It is specifically the aforementioned buffer we ordered that is being sold here. To incentivize others, especially those who didn't back the project, we are putting them on sale. As a bonus for backers such as yourself, we are notifying you first and foremost. Tomorrow we'll post news of this store going live on our social media, but for tonight you and only you know of its existence. Essentially, you get first dibs!

If you wanted more of our physical rewards, you can place your orders through BackerKit:

v1.3 Patch... Coming Soon!

Level 16... Rebalanced!

Originally, we were working on another patch to the game, the v1.2.1 patch. It was meant to include small, but useful, new features and fixes:

  • Improve clarity surrounding certain unit mechanics, like the Refined Fusilier
  • Prevent players from starting a level with undiscovered brews in their loadout
  • Improved dialogs on End Turn with confirmations, which we believe will help players not used to this style of game to avoid unintentionally ending their turn when they still have actions to take (like brewing from resource tiles!)
  • Per-level hints so that those truly stuck on a level can read a developer guide as to how to proceed

This already was a borderline v1.3 patch given those features, but those features were all reasonably small and easy to add. Unfortunately, life is not always so simple. Due to continued feedback that Level 16 is difficult, even after our initial fix in a previous patch, we took another, more dramatic, stab at the level.

There were two issues with this level:

  • Those who didn't know how to combo in the game would essentially enter an unwinnable run come Turn 3
  • Those who knew how to combo properly would completely shred the level apart, winning by Turn 2

As you can imagine, this is quite difficult to balance! Our broad goal design-wise was to always allow the player to "pop off" if they could figure out these killer combos, but we also don't want the level to be designed around needing to know how to do those combos with maximum efficiency. As this is Level 16 of 25, we do expect the player to know the basics of play by this point in the game. Our goals thus came down to:

  • Make it just slightly harder to completely pop off and break the level, though anybody with knowledge on how to combo like that in this game should still be rewarded handsomely for doing so
  • Make it easier to start comboing early on, so that more intermediate players will be able to get a strong starting foothold

We'll have more details on these exact changes when the patch goes out, which should be this week. We were aiming to release a few days ago, but due to personal and unexpected circumstances among team members, we had to delay. Thank you for your understanding.

Halloween Update?

Spooky... Scary... Fun!

What if we had a special Halloween update that did the following?

  • Post-Game Revisit of Level 14 (seen above) but harder and spookier
  • Characters in said level wearing cute Halloween outfits
  • New Halloween-themed units
  • Pumpkin Tea? Pumpkin Tea. Pumpkin Tea! 

Would you enjoy something like that? Let us know! We're really considering it.

We hope you've enjoyed this update! Please let us know your thoughts on the above here or on social media. Until next time!


Sovereign Tea v1.2 Release... and more!
29 days ago – Tue, Aug 24, 2021 at 09:26:17 PM

Wowza, a whole version 1.2!

We're back with a batch of exciting news regarding Sovereign Tea! We hope you've been enjoying your time playing the game. Let's hop right to it.

Version 1.2 Release!

We recently released the v1.2 patch for Steam and Itchio. In this one, we focused mostly on feedback we saw from new players who streamed our game for the very first time. It was very cool to see, but also was illuminating on some aspects of the game that needed additional player clarification. We want to thank those who streamed their initial experiences with us, and look forward to seeing your reaction to the latest version of the game. Here is an abbreviated list of key changes:

  • Improve load times when booting the game.
  • Tiles that cannot be interacted with no longer show a hovered state.
  • Next unit and resource buttons in top-right bar adjusted for clarity.

There are a small handful of additional polish and bugfix tweaks made to the game. You can read the full list of changes in our latest Itchio devlog, or in our latest update on Steam.

Future Work on Sovereign Tea

When we announced the v1.2 patch, people asked us if this is the final patch for the game. We're very proud of the v1.0 release we put out and have, for the most part, only put out minor tweaks to the game since. Nearly all these tweaks were focused on addressing player feedback, particularly surrounding communication of in-game concepts. We are open to future work on the project, so long as the demand for it exists.

Most notably, we are investigating the addition of a mid-level temporary save feature. This is probably the highest requested feature in the game. We did anticipate this being the case even before launch, but had to prioritize other aspects of the game due to time constraints. We don't yet know how difficult this will be to implement, so we aren't able to guarantee this as a feature that will come to the game. We are, however, committed to trying our best to bring it to the title. Thank you for your understanding.

Is there a feature or bug you've encountered in the game? If so, please join our Discord and head on over to the #sovereign-tea-feedback channel. Past a discussion item and we will open a thread to discuss with you.

Commission Tier Rewards

Wow! So many!

We've been closing in on fulfilling our final rewards: the OC commissions. What we have so far is pretty swell, if we do say so. Thanks again to everybody who backed at this tier!

Overstock Inventory Shop Opening Soon

The most exciting piece of news... we're reopening our BackerKit shop! We have a decent handful of reward items left in our possession: a sizable quantity of stickers, pins, and charms; a small handful of t-shirts; an even smaller quantity of highly-desired tea. The store will reopen on or around September 1. We will send out an update when that happens. All goods must go, as there is not enough storage space in our homes to hold all of this. Please look forward to it!

Holiday Updates to Sovereign Tea?

We were thinking of making some holiday updates for the game, particularly with Halloween and Christmas forthcoming, as well as Lunar New Year in the near-ish future. Our thoughts were centered mostly on the easiest pieces of content to add to the game: new units and new books in the Library. Perhaps if we're creative and motivated enough we could sneak in some bonus levels. Not the most exciting content adds in the world, but certainly something that could be fun to see!

Is there anything that you would like to see added to the game? If so, let us know, especially if it's holiday-related!

That's all for now. If you made it this far, please consider (positively) rating the game on Steam! It helps us immensely and we always love reading your feedback. Until next time...!


Commission Rewards: Now in Progress!
about 1 month ago – Mon, Aug 16, 2021 at 04:53:12 PM

Thank you for backing Sovereign Tea! We hope you've been enjoying the game. We would really appreciate if you could review the game on Steam.

Now that all physical rewards have been shipped out, we are moving forward with the last digital reward to fulfill: a commission of your OC!

Here's how it's going to work: we will create art for your OC as if it were in Sovereign Tea. It will go through the same pipeline as the art development process for unit and character art in the game. The end result will be a character sprite, designed by @AhLaToad, with one baked-in emotion, and a world chibi sprite, designed by @gelatobear. Here is a breakdown of how it works: 

  • You submit an OC to us, including all details, references, colors, and other information you wish to convey.
  • If there is any initial confusion, we contact you back for additional clarification before starting.
  • Round 1: We provide an initial character sketch, as well as the colors we intend to use. You may suggest feedback at this point before we proceed, allowing us to make tweaks as needed.
  • Round 2: This is the near-final result, with the lines cleaned up and colored for the character art. You will also see the chibi art at this point. This is the final chance to suggest minor feedback on both.
  • Completion: We deliver to you the two high-resolution art files for your character! You are free to use these as you like--they're your character.

We're pretty open on what to draw. We are okay with mecha and furry art, for example. However, while it's okay to request something risque, we will not draw anything truly R18. Thank you for understanding.

We have already reached out to you, individually, to start this process. Some of you indicated a preference to be contacted via email, others via Discord. We have contacted you on your platform of preference, so please check those at your earliest convenience. Thank you, and we look forward to bringing your OCs to life!

Sovereign Tea v1.1 Released!
about 1 month ago – Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 12:42:03 AM

 Friends, we are so excited to announce that our first patch for Sovereign Tea, lovingly and simply named the v1.1 patch,  is here! In it, we make a number of improvements to the game all based  on your player feedback. Notably, we add a lot of new options to the  settings, new optional content to peruse, and a small handful of balance  tweaks. The patch notes are as follows:


  • Added four new Library books written by Coffee Regents.
  • Added settings option to not select brewed unit after brewing it.
  • Added settings option to not pan camera when selecting a unit.
  • Added confirmation warning when trying to skip a level dialogue.
  • Added settings option to toggle dialogue skip confirmation warnings.
  • Updated credits with newly added crowdfunding backers.


  • Spiced Brew's Count requirement now increases by 4 each time it is used. It resets at the start of the turn.
  • Caring Sorcerer: In addition to existing effect, on heal provide Juiced 1.
  • Level 15: Replaced some starting Tea of War with Tortoise Cha.
  • Level 16: Removed Spirit Channeler from the Coffee Regent's loadout. Added starting Spirit Channeler units to the map.
  • Final Level: No longer provide infinite resources, capping instead at 250 starting per and +100/turn.


  • Lapidarian Mystic: Fixed rare softlock with its diagonal Heal action.
  • Books in the Compendium now sort in order of discovery.

We hope you enjoy the update to the game!

If you're playing through Steam, you should be able to automatically update the game. If you're playing through Itchio, please either download the latest build from the website or use the Itch App to download the latest version of the game.

Please consider leaving us a positive review of the game on your platform of choice! This helps our overall visibility, leading more and more people to discovering this quirky Tea VS Coffee game you helped fund. Thank you!